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We are seeking philanthropic support, sponsorship, partnerships and donations from individuals and organisations who share our passion and enthusiasm for honouring the important part in history that Australian nurses played during the Great War and who want to support independent theatre.

Tax deductible donations

TTL Productions is pleased to be working with Creative Partnerships Australia to enable our supporters to make tax deductible donations.

Donations will go towards achieving minimum award wages for our touring company currently working for 30% of those conditions. It will cover touring costs (accommodation, vehicle hire, and production equipment hire) and reduce our risk of meeting break even point which currently stands at 57.2%.

For more information about the Australia Cultural Fund please visit the Creative Partnerships Australia website.

Partner with us and enhance your brand profile

Supporting, sponsoring or partnering an independent theatre touring production is a unique opportunity to enhance your business’s reputation, to expand your reach to towns and communities that you may never have reached before. Over 7 weeks from late July 2014, Through These Lines will be visiting nine usual historical and important venues throughout NSW and performing to thousands. It will be a truly groundbreaking independent tour. This is a chance to get in at the start and support a vibrant, committed team of professionals in an evolving project, with support from venues as far afield as Canada, France, Belgium and New Zealand.

We have no intention of settling with only telling this story to Australians, this is a story that should resonate around the world (which can be seen from the percolating interest from abroad — will little or no publicity) and this, as we said, is a truly unique chance to be one of the first to lend support to this venture. We will take part in centenary commemorations both locally and abroad.

For our future business supporters and partners, we hope to see you benefit from your involvement with Through These Lines, not just in a financial way — seeing your brand expand into new territories – but also to raise your profile as a supporter of Australian stories and as a believer in the arts as beneficial to the life and soul of a community.

We have chosen the venues for the tour because of their strong connection to the history of our contribution to the Great War. We have chosen venues not just for ‘bums on seats’ — if you will pardon the language — but for the heart and soul that they can contribute to the story. A way of repaying the people of the region for their continued interest and historical connection to an event that touched every town, every street across Australia and continues to hold our attention.

Support for the arts is crucial at the grass roots level, and with your support we can grow as a company and spread our unique Australian stories to the world.

We are relying on support from special individuals, businesses and foundations that believe in our story and want to be a part of our future. We don’t have a lot of history behind us, but our future is secured through our commitment and drive. We want our stories to resonate, we want our partners to thrive and we would love for you to join with us on our incredible journey.

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— Cheryl Ward

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